Graduate School Steering Board

The Vice-Rector answering for the research, infrastructure and graduate school acts as the chair of the Steering Board that is fromed from the heads of the faculty doctoral schools (Vice-Deans or Deans answering for the doctoral training). Graduate School Coordinator acts as a secretary of the group.


  • Professor Kaisa Miettinen, Vice-Rector, chair
  • Professor Laura Stark, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Professor Pasi Tyrväinen, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Information Technology
  • Professor Anna-Maija Poikkeus, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Education and Psychology
  • Professor Heikki Karjaluoto, Vice-Dean, School of Business and Economics
  • Professor Keijo Häkkinen, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences
  • Professor Jussi Kukkonen, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Science
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Contact information                

Head of the Graduate School

Head of the Graduate School
Professor Kaisa Miettinen
Vice-Rector, research and infrastructure
Department of Mathematical Information Technology
PO Box 35, FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä
Tel: +358 50 373 2247
Email: kaisa.miettinen@jyu.fi 
Graduate School Coordinator
Tuula Oksanen, PhD
University Services, Division of Strategic Planning and Development
PO Box 35, FI-40014 University of Jyväskylä
Tel: +358 40 801 4205
Email: tuula.a.oksanen@jyu.fi
Room: C 319.2