Dissertation supervisor's checklist


As a supervisor for a doctoral student, I pledge to comply with the operating principles of the University of Jyväskylä Graduate School for Doctoral Studies.

At the beginning of the supervision relationship

During the supervisory relationship

  • I will meet or otherwise contact the student and give feedback regularly.
  • I will share the instructions and announcements of the Graduate School and the doctoral schools of faculties with the student.
  • I will give objective, constructive and encouraging feedback about the student’s progress and output.
  • My goal as a supervisor is that the student will be able to produce a scientifically high-quality dissertation and complete a doctoral degree in the target time set in the doctoral study plan.
  • In case of an article dissertation, I will ensure that the articles are eligible for publication before they are submitted to the publisher.
  • When possible, I will participate in events in which the dissertation research is handled and help the student in preparing for the events.
  • I will promote the student’s integration with the scientific community and encourage him/her to create a peer support network.
  • I will discuss with the student about his/her career plans.
  • I will follow the progress of the doctoral studies regularly (e.g. in follow-up group meetings).
  • I will give advice on applying for funding and, when possible, aim to take the financial needs of doctoral training into account when I apply for project funding.
  • I will write references and statements on the student’s request.

Upon the completion of the dissertation

  • I will ensure that the dissertation manuscript is eligible for preliminary examination.
  • I will make sure the dissertation manuscript is scanned with the plagiarism detection software and interpret the results.
  • If the student is supervised by two or more faculties, I will participate in assessing the share of supervision so that compensation can be applied for.