Learning outcomes in doctoral training

The aim of doctoral training is to educate professionals in research, competent and versatile experts in various fields for the needs of society.

The professional expertise of a graduate develops during doctoral training as a result of conducting research, attending training events and acting as a member of the university and scientific community. The University offers doctoral students plenty of opportunities for skills development taking into account students' personal objectives of professional development and career planning. Skills development activities approved by the faculty as parts of the doctoral study plan can be included in the doctoral degree. In addition to doctoral dissertation and discipline specific studies, several units of the University offer courses, training events and support services to support doctoral students' dissertation work, doctoral studies and future employment.

Courses and events on transferable skills in spring 2019

Discipline specific skills

  • Thorough knowledge of one’s own field of research and its social significance
  • Familiarity with the development and basic problems of one’s own field of research
  • Knowledge of the general theory of science and of other disciplines relating to one’s own field of research


Communication skills

  • Academic writing and communication
  • Interaction competence
  • Language skills and international competence
  • Media skills
  • Presentation skills


Research skills

  • Research ethics
  • Open Science
  • Research methodology
  • Scientific publishing
  • Research project management (planning, funding, data management, financial management)


Other competence to support the construction of professional expertise

  • Pedagogical skills (teaching and guidance experience, qualifications)
  • Leadership skills
  • Quality and development activities


Professional expertise

  • Professional identity
  • Merits, qualifications and competences
  • Objectives of professional development and career planning