Science communication training palette

Science communication training palette aims at developing, improving and increasing University's societal impact and interaction by offering training events in science communication to doctoral students and researchers.

Research Merits

Create your own Researcher ID, get to know the Template for researchers curriculum vitae and learn to evaluate your own scientific activity with basic bibliometric tools.

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Defence of Dissertation Day

Työpaja on rakennettu tulevan tohtorin väitösprosessin tukemiseksi. Tiedotteen laatiminen ja median käytännöt, väitösseremonia, mm. lectio praecursoria ja keskustelu vastaväittäjän kanssa. Käytännön harjoituksia.

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Conference Abstracts

The focus of this module is on developing research writing needed for scientific conferences. Participants will submit a conference abstract and will participate in an abstract session, whereby abstracts are reviewed and recommendations made. Participants will then resubmit their revised abstracts for publication on the conference website. Recommended in the first or early second year.

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Conference Presentations

This module follows a conference simulation format and focuses on developing conference skills. Participants will prepare and deliver a short (15-minute) conference presentation, which will be video-recorded for individual feedback. Chairing skills will also be reviewed and practiced. Recommended in the first or early second year.

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Conference Posters

Professional conferences offer a variety of presentation formats. Opportunities for poster presentations are generally less competitive, and thus a great way to participate in conferences and build one's professional vitae. In this module we will examine effective examples of conference posters. Participants will then have the opportunity to create and present a poster based on their current research. Recommended in the first or early second year.

Not on offer in spring 2019