Courses and events on transferable skills in spring 2019


  • In the academic year 2018–2019, all doctoral students registered as attending must edit a new supervision document in the new supervision document service. At the moment, there are more than 700 confirmed supervision documents in the supervision document service! Please make sure you have one. The Graduate School will send reminder email on a regular basis to doctoral students whose supervision document has not yet been confirmed by the supervisor-in-charge. More information
  • Fulbright Finland Travel Grants for Research Collaboration. Fulbright Finland Travel Grants for Research Collaboration are short-term travel grants for researchers from Finland to travel to the United States for a minimum of one week. The travel grant supports visits which advance research in the applicant’s field as well as initiate or advance institutional and research collaboration between Finland and the U.S. Applicants should also be prepared to share information about Fulbright Finland opportunities at their home and host institutions. Researchers in Finland, including doctoral students, are eligible to apply. Applicants do not need to be Finnish citizens. The application deadline is March 3, 2019. More information
  • Koulutus  apurahansaajan Mela-turvasta. Mela (Maatalousyrittäjien eläkelaitos) ja Säätiöiden ja rahastojen neuvottelukunta järjestävät ti 26.3.2019 klo 12.30-15.30 avoimen koulutuksen apurahansaajan Mela-turvasta. Koulutus järjestetään Helsingin yliopistolla, mutta sitä on mahdollista seurata myös suorana lähetyksenä verkon kautta. Lisätietoja
  • PoDoCo Spring application round will take place within 1.3.-15.4.2019. PoDoCo (PostDocs in Companies) is a matchmaking program supporting strategic renewal of companies and employment of young doctors in the private sector. PoDoCo matches newly graduated doctors with companies and financially supports the collaboration projects between doctors and companies. PoDoCo program offers research grants of 6-12 months to investigate new innovative ideas boosting the strategic renewal of Finnish companies. Doctoral candidates, who have not yet graduated but graduating during next 6-9 months may also apply for a grant. More information
  • Slides from the Induction session for newcomers on 5th February 2019
  • Fulbright Suomi -säätiön stipendiohjelmat Yhdysvaltoihin 31.1.2019 infon materiaalit löytyvät materiaalikansiosta.
  • Suomen kulttuurirahaston maakuntarahastojen yhteisinfon 24.1.2019 tallenteet löytyvät  Suomen Kulttuurirahaston Facebook-sivulta ja YouTube-kanavalta. Kulttuurirahaston maakuntarahastojen haku on auki 10.1 -8.2.2019.
  • Suomi-Amerikka Yhdistysten Liiton (SAM) apurahasäätiön stipendit jatko-opintoihin ja/tai tutkimustyöhön amerikkalaisissa yliopistoissa ja korkeakouluissa 16.1.2019 infon materiaalit löytyvät materiaalikansiosta.


  •  Two Iris.ai workshops on Wednesday 20 February 2019. Iris.ai is an artificial intelligence solution for searching research data and making a literary review. During a 12-month Iris.ai pilot in Univeristy of Jyväskylä all students and staff can try using the solution. More information


Some of the courses are very popular and fill-up quickly. There may be a waiting list. Be considerate and cancel your registration in Korppi when you know you are not going to show up for the course. By cancelling your registration when necessary, you will give someone else an opportunity to attend the course.

Check from your own Faculty Doctoral School which transferable skills studies can be included in your doctoral degree.

Discipline specific skills

Registration to  IHMJ1001 starts on Tuesday 15 January 2019 at 9.00.

Research skills

Research ethics

Registration to  IHMJ1002 starts on Tuesday 15 January 2019 at 9.00.

Open science

Scientific publishing

Research methodology

Registration to IHMJ005 starts on Tuesday 8 January at 9.00 a.m. and ends 21 January at 16.00. Registration to other IHMJ courses starts on Tuesday 15 January 2019 at 9.00. DIP training sessions are intended chiefly for University employees with a monthly salary. If there is room, also University community members other than actual employees, for example, grant researchers, are welcome.

Project management

Communication skills

Communication skills, languages, internationality

Science communication

Finnish as a second language

Other competence to support the construction of professional expertise

Career Services' courses


Teaching and Guidance

Workplace skills


Did you know that you can find all upcoming staff training at Uno Learning and wellbeing section? | Tiesithän, että kaikki tulevat henkilöstökoulutukset löydät nykyään Unon Osaaminen ja hyvinvointi –osion koulutuslistalta?