Knowledge of the field of research


  • Familiarity with of one’s own field of research
  • Knowledge of the general theory of science

Familiarity with one's own field of research grows during the process of carrying out dissertation research and by attending the teaching organized by the faculty. Discipline specific skills may be deepened for example by participating in courses organized by other universities or doctoral training networks. General courses about the theory of science are offered by the Methodology Centre for Human Sciences and the Open University. General courses prepare students for understanding the mindsets and approaches of different disciplines.

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Methodology Centre for Human Sciences IHME

IHME provides general scientific courses on the theory of science, ethical questions in science, and concept analysis. The courses provided by IHME are open for doctoral students at the University of Jyväskylä. It is recommended to register early for the courses, as they are filled up quickly. The language of the courses is Finnish or English.

Doctoral Course Curriculum

Courses in English