Research skills

Objective: Producing new knowledge

  • Independent and critical thinking
  • Ethical responsibility
  • Innovativeness

Research ethics

  • Responsible conduct of research
  • Publication ethical questions
  • Ethical questions in human subject research


  • Open Science
  • Publication channels
  • Visibility of research
  • Dissertation publishing

Research methodology

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Statistical methods
  • Analysis software user training

Project management

  • Research data acquisition and management
  • Preparing funding proposals
  • Project management and practices

Staff training in In­tra­net Uno

Self-study materials

Doctoral students and staff of the University of Jyväskylä can access the FinDocNet learning area to study the principles research ethics and open science independently. For study attainment and credits please register for a course organised by the Methodology Centre for Human Sciences or the Open Science Centre.

CSC – IT Center for Science

 CSC offers free webinars on a monthly basis.

At the University Graduate School, courses on the ethical questions in science and training on quantitative and qualitative research methods are provided by the Methodology Centre for Human Sciences. The Open Science Centre offers various courses on open science and publishing as well as on data acquisition and management. The IT Services unit provides courses on information and communication technology. Research and Innovation Services organise training and information sessions in order to support the application for external funding and to enhance project competence.