Professor Juha Karjalainen wins the competition to visualise research

Vendace spawning wins the graphic abstract competition

The Science Communication Development Group selected Professor Juha Karjalainen as the winner of competition in which researchers were requested to create graphic abstracts for their research articles. The purpose of the competition was to introduce graphic abstract as a medium to make an article stand out and to visually present the main message of research.Vendace spawning presentation wins the graphic abstract competition

The group evaluated how successfully the graphic abstracts were able to combine data visualisation, graphs, images and text to one story, which presents the main results of the article and tempts to read the actual article.

- Professor Karjalainen’s straightforward presentation encapsulates key information with very elementary means. The abstract is impressive and makes you want to read the whole article, says the chair of the development group, Vice Rector Kaisa Miettinen.
Karjalainen’s article was published in the Ecology of Freshwater Fish journal. Professor Juha Karjalainen and Lecturer Timo Marjomäki succeeded to picture the spawning rituals of vendace in detail for the first time in test conditions at the Konnevesi research station.

Further information:
Professor Juha Karjalainen, tel. 040 513 4865, juha.s.karjalainen@jyu.fi
Vice Rector Kaisa Miettinen, tel. 050 373 2247, kaisa.miettinen@jyu.fi

More information on vendace research:

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