Academy of Finland September 2019 call - fresh news

Here are some news related to the Academy of Finland September call, which will be open 3.-25. September 2019.

RIS advisors participated a meeting with the Academy of Finland advisors on 17.5.2019.

In addition to the written instructions, you should pay attention:

  1. Desribe thoroughly your research methods
  2. Let others read your application, especially the research plan. This is most important for young researchers
  3. Read the evaluation instructions and think about your application from the point of view of evaluator. Notice that your application is read also by the committee.
  4. Write clear research questions. What new your research brings to the world?
  5. Make sure your application is readable and you “sell” your research with it. The application is closer to a policy brief than a scientific article
  6. Focus your CV according to the call
  7. Define the project you are applying to one or more sustainable development goals



  • 2 pages i.e. the same as in ERC calls.
  • Write there only the issues that are important for this project you are applying for. Write shortly and focus to important issues.


Structure of research plan


Academy projects for young researchers (25M€)

  • No separate call but all who have less than 10 years from defending thesis will be included to these decisions
  • Academy of Finland encourages young researchers to apply project funding
  • Note: you should have your salary covered elsewhere, e.g. from department


Academy professor call

  • Call open 3-25. September 2019
  • Invitations to the second phase in spring 2020, and 2nd phase deadline in June 2020.
  • Decisions in September 2020
  • Projects will start in 1st of September 2021.


We encourage faculties and departments to order a data management plan (DMP) workshop or 15-minute info session about new issues in Academy of Finland call.