Out now: Academy of Finland’s April 2018 call text

Out now: Academy of Finland’s April - Academy of Finland

The Academy of Finland’s April 2018 call for applications is now available in Finnish, Swedish and English on the Academy’s website.

The news in this application round is that applicants can log in to Academy’s online services to submit their applications earlier than before, starting 1 March in connection with the publication of the call text.

The April call includes funding under the Academy Programme Media and Society (MediaSoc) and funding for international research projects in the area of the Academy Programme Mineral Resources and Material Substitution (MISU). Funding is also available from the ICT 2023 programme, under the theme Beyond 5G Systems. Through the April call, the Academy also provides funding for NSF Graduate Research Fellows for research in Finland.

The Academy is keen to support the internationalisation of research. For example, AoF grants mobility allowances within research projects to support research spells abroad, and our funding may be used to hire foreign researchers and researchers who are returning to Finland.

Applications for the April 2018 call can be submitted in the online services between 1 March and 25 April 2018. The call closes at 16.15 local Finnish time.


Funding open for application in April 2018

  • Academy  Programme Media and Society (MediaSoc)
  • Supplementary call within the Academy Programme Mineral Resources and Material Substitution (MISU): funding for international projects
  • Research, development and innovation programme ICT 2023: Beyond 5G Systems
  • Funding to NSF Graduate Research Fellows for research in Finland


FIRI 2018 call will be also in spring 2018 - later deadline!

In addition, the April call includes funding for research infrastructures in the form of the FIRI 2018 call, which will provide funding for infrastructures included in Finland’s roadmap, new infrastructure initiatives and other non-roadmap infrastructures. Please note that the deadline for the FIRI 2018 call is on 22 May 2018 at 16.15 local Finnish time.

  • Internal deadline for JYU FIRI 2018 applications is 3rd May 2018. Send your application latest then to mobility@jyu.fi, as there is a need for strategic evaluation of JYU Science Council, financial commitment of JYU and prioritising of JYU applications. All those applications where JYU is a coordinator or partner should be following this instruction, and they should be sent as final versions with all required appendices. If you prepare a FIRI2018 application, please contact Head of Research Development for further instructions. 


Academy professor call will be open next time in spring 2019

There is no official decision about the next Academy professor call, but it is expected that these calls will be in every other year, thus the next one will be in spring 2019.


More information

Out now: Academy of Finland’s April - Academy of Finland

  • April 2018 call text
  • Step-by-step guide to applying
  • contact persons named in the call text
  • Help at JYU
    • Research funding advisor Satu Huhtala satu.m.huhtala@jyu.fi 0400-248085
    • FIRI 2018: Head of research development Timo Taskinen timo.taskinen@jyu.fi 0400-648504