Strategic Research Council submits proposal on 2019 strategic research themes to the Finnish Government

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) established within the Academy of Finland proposes that the Finnish Government adopt four new strategic research themes for 2019. In its theme proposals, the SRC highlights systemic and cross-disciplinary approaches as key success factors for strategic research.

The SRC proposes four strategic research themes for 2019:

  • Towards a sustainable, healthy and climate-neutral food system
  • Innovative materials and services to promote resource wisdom and sustainable development
  • The evolving role of public authority and the potential for steering society
  • Culture in an increasingly technologically driven society

The SRC also proposes strengthening the ethical dimension in research as the cross-cutting priority of the 2019 themes. The Government will next discuss the proposals and decide the final themes. The SRC will then design the research programmes based on the final themes and launch funding calls in late 2018.

The themes have been prepared in open consultation and participation with the scientific community and the end-users and beneficiaries of research. There was a theA crucial element in the preparation process has been to identify themes in which research can provide support for societal reform and development. The themes must be horizontal and span several administrative branches. They must also be sufficiently distinct from each other and important for the future of Finland. The selected themes require a strong, multidisciplinary research approach in order to gain new knowledge and locate new kinds of solutions. There’s a strong complementarity between the 2019 theme proposals and the SRC’s current programmes. There are a lot of value issues involved in promoting desired developments and avoiding the pitfalls. That’s why the SRC is proposing the strengthening of the ethical dimension in research as the cross-cutting priority of the 2019 themes.

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