Two- stage application for LIFE Environment sub-programme

Two- stage application for LIFE Environment sub-programme - a major simplification for LIFE applicants

The project submission procedure for the 2018 call under LIFE's Environment sub-programme will undergo changes for simplicity. Applications will be submitted in two stages.

The first stage is a concept note, approximately 10 pages long. Applicants that make it through to the second stage of LIFE's Environment sub-programme will then submit their full proposal based on feedback from the LIFE programme.

Advantages for applicants

The submission of a concept note that is approximately 10 pages long requires less time and fewer resources than a full proposal (in case of the application is unsuccessful)

Applicants will receive feedback sooner on whether their proposal has a chance to be financed (has been admitted to stage 2)

Applicants invited to participate in stage 2 will have a higher chance of seeing their projects financed, as the competition will be open only to high ranking concept notes

Timetable 2018

  • Mid-april Call publication
  • 12 June 2018 (tbc) Deadline for applicants to submit concept notes to the Contracting Authority
  • October 2018 (tbc) Applicant notification, invitation of shortlisted applicants to submit their full proposal
  • January 2019 (tbc) Deadline to submit full proposals
  • January 2018 to June 2019 (tbc) Evaluation and revision of proposal
  • July 2019 (tbc) Signature of individual grant agreements
  • 1 July 2019 (tbc) Earliest possible starting date

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More information and adivising at JYU: Satu Huhtala satu.m.huhtala@jyu.fi 0400-248085