Exmples of technologies we are offering for licensing

Smart pin for weight stack unit

Patented ((EP2040807) method, system and measuring device for measuring athletic performance carried out with weight stack unit and weight stack unit.


The core of the system is the smart pin which is used to select the amount of stack units and hence the weight of the weight stack unit. The smart pin is capable of recognizing the force focused on the stack and can deliver that information to the other intelligent parts of the system for further analysis.

 We are looking for business  partners for commercialization of this method in the areas like rehabilitation, gym, etc.

An efficient method for producing phage therapy  
agents against columnaris in aquaculture

Intensive farming systems connected to human food production are the major users of antibiotics today. As the use of antibiotics in food production is at stake due to high amount of environmental leakage, alternative ways to treat bacterial diseases is needed. Infections caused by Flavobacterium columnare are a significant problem for fresh wateraquaculture around the world.

Our research group showed the efficiency of bacteriophage therapy against F. columnare infections in laboratory settings. One characteristic of this phage, and others from the same type of host, is that production of phage in large quantities using the conventional phage production methods based on liquid cultures isnot possible. Now our scientists have an improved, economically competitive method forproduction and quantification of these phages. The method is based on liquid cultures, and has a phage yield up to thousands fold higher than the conventional method enabling cost effective production in large scale.


 We are looking for business  partner who is interested in commercialization of this method for phage production for phage therapy in aquaculture.






 A method, software, and device for managing the vehicle driver security factors and route selection.


The method is based on several driver and situation specific factors which are used to assess driver’s need to focus his or her sight and attention back to driving environment before possible risks are realized.

More info: VisGuard.com

We are looking for business  partners to commercialize this method in their own or new business areas.