We have several cooperation opportunities for those interested in research-based entrepreneurship.

The University of Jyväskylä is one of the most active universities in Finland in the commercialisation of research results. This is shown in the more than 20 positive Research to Business (TUTLI) funding decisions made by Business Finland (formerly Tekes). The collective funding value of these projects is over €10 million. The goal of this funding is to promote the development of research-based business. The typical result of a project is a spin-out formed by the key contributors of the project team. The University of Jyväskylä is looking for commercialisation experts interested in entrepreneurship to get involved in the planning and execution phase of the projects.

We use the Boardio Advisors and Board members platform in our search for commercialisation experts. See our recruiting advertisements at Boardio.

We also collect commercialisation and business experts in our own Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) register. We are looking for individuals interested in mentoring, sparring or joining a team building a research-based business. Please note that we are not collecting service providers for this register. Registration entails no obligation – how you want to collaborate with us is up to you. Enrol in the EIR-register here (Webropol inquiry in Finnish).

We encourage researchers and students at the University to explore the Entrepreneurship Portal. There you can find extensive information about the services provided in the Jyväskylä region related to entrepreneurship, strengthening professional expertise and finding new opportunities to exploit your own competences. The English-language version of the website is currently under construction.

The table below lists all the Research to Business (TUTLI) projects at the University of Jyväskylä.

Name of the TUTLI project Tekes/Business Finland funding status Company exploiting the results
Digital Content Compass 346.413 on going  
Science-driven next-generation feedback tracking system   on going  
5G CSON, more efficient future mobile networks   on going  
MUTTE, mutaatioiden havaitseminen ultraherkän transistoritekniikan avulla   on going  
PLUS2,  menetelmä proteiini-proteiini vuorovaikutusta muovaavien lääkeaineiden luomiseksi    on going  
QHealth,  lämpövuoanturi käyttö terveysteknologian ja liikunnan sovelluksissa (yhdessä LUT:n kanssa)  237.000 on going  
Rich Multisensory User Experience 375.000 finished  
Ajoneuvoalustojen tietoturva, AaTi 355.000 on going  
Skaalautuva kehitys- ja arviointipalvelu koulutuksen digitalisaation tukemiseen 341.000 on going  
Distraction Prevention System and Behavior-Based Insurance (VisGuard BBI) (II)
Liikenneturvallisuutta parantava kuljettajan monitorointijärjestelmä (I)
TICK-TAG Project: Evaluation of the next generation Point-of-Care Diagnostic for Tick-Borne Pathogens 463.000 finished Te?ted Oy
RECENART - Research Center for Art (II)
RECENART - Research Center for Art (I)
finished Recenart Oy
SmartHand - Wearable touch based interfaces for ubiquitous music technology 337.000 finished Taction Enterprises Inc.
Flexible state-of-the-art optimization solutions and services that are based on the latest research in decision making, FINNOPT 312.000 finished Finnopt Oy
LBD Työväline ihmisen ja teknologian vuorovaikutuksen -suunnittelijoille 280.000 finished Tacit Space Oy
3D-liikeanalyysi asiakaskäyttöön 405.927 finished  
Gigbuds, live-musiikin kuuntelukokemuksen parantaminen 373.000 finished  
ReMaster - Prosessien mallinnus- ja simulointi organisaation johdolle 403.000 finished  
Gym Coach, mobiili valmennustyökalu ja harjoituspäiväkirja kuntosaliharjoittelijoille 567.340 finished  
Hyperspektriratkaisuja rikostutkinnan käyttöön 345.000 finished Vision Systems Oy
Uusi systeemi kriittisen infrastruktuurin suojaamiseksi 854.000 finished Cap Data Technologies Oy
Aito suojaus: alusta tekijänoikeuksien suojaamiseksi käyttäen saatavilla olevia komponentteja 869.600 finished Truly Protect Oy
CO-SKY - Kustannustehokkaat optimointiratkaisut kuljetusten suunnitteluun pk-sektorille 1.270.243 finished Nfleet Oy
Grapho Learning International Development and Exports 1.184.993 finished Graphogame Oy