University-linked companies

Many companies have been established on the basis of research results produced at the University of Jyväskylä or founded by JYU alumni. Do you know a company that is missing from the list? Please let us know so we can add it to the list (riikka.reitzer[at]

Analyysitoimisto Statisti refines understanding and information from data with the help of statistical analysis. Statisti also offers training and services to researchers.

Athletica provides physical training and education to professional and amateur athletes as well as to companies.

Biomark is a service provider in environmental matters, such as biotesting and ecotoxicology.

Clusterloop is a game developer with a major focus on mobile and VR.

Cap Data Technologies offers cyber security services. The company’s product CAP has the unique ability to spot anomalies automatically without fingerprints in large volumes of data using machine-learning algorithms.

EduCluster Finland (ECF) is an expert organisation creating educational excellence. Its tailored solutions are designed and implemented in collaboration with partners and Finnish experts to enable competence building. ECF is part of the University of Jyväskylä group and owned by the University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and Jyväskylä Educational Consortium.

Elementori, established by Jari Hoffrén, provides training, coordination and project services in the field of culture. Hoffrén’s company Astor & Amadeus Music Management distributes and produces a wide range of content and music, from the Middle Ages to the future, for cultural events.

Firstbeat Technologies is a provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being. Their products and services transform heartbeat data into personalised information on exercise, stress and recovery. Elite sports teams, wellness professionals, and consumers worldwide use Firstbeat to enhance performance and well-being.

Headsted combines evidence-based methods in psychology with online and mobile channels in order to reach as many people as possible. The main therapeutic approach used in the services is acceptance and commitment therapy.

Humap facilitates change and helps to develop profitable businesses by developing collaborative processes and applying digital solutions. They have expertise and tools to renew organisational cultures and their strategic capabilities.

Humap Software offers consultants a web-based engagement and transformation platform which enables them to build and tailor processes for their clients, and engage entire organisations through one-click participation on any device.

Magister Solutions is a high-technology company with strong expertise in the area of mobile, satellite and security technologies.

Magnasense Technologies has developed an improved platform for lateral flow tests utilising paramagnetic particles as a label. This enables the development of robust, highly sensitive quantitative assays. The Magnasense technology opens new markets for rapid point of care testing.

MetaCase is the leading provider of domain-specific modelling (DSM) environments. MetaCase enables its customers to improve their productivity and competitiveness with modelling languages and generators designed to meet their needs. The company's flagship product, MetaEdit+®, provides thousands of developers worldwide with a more productive, higher quality approach to system and software development.

MinSim provides simulation-based training services for healthcare providers and organisations. Their clientele consists of healthcare workers from high skilled professionals to novices and students.

Mobra Finland provides companies with exercise programme planning, coordination and implementation to promote employee well-being. In addition to theme-related training courses, introductions to different sports and group exercise classes, Mobra also offers e.g. nutrition advice and guidance.

Morphona offers its customers functional conductive nanocoatings. Their coatings are for the textile, roll-to-roll film and high-tech industries. End applications include EMI shielding and other technologies needing well-controlled conductivity.

Naava, former NaturVention creates fresh air and healthier environment indoors with its Naava green wall. Their technology uses plant roots to purify indoor air better than traditional air filters do.

Nfleet can create an efficient loading and transportation plan from lists of vehicles and tasks. Their expertise and software tool help dispatchers to get the most value from their fleet.

Nordic Business Forum is a business development company focusing on open business seminars. They organise and host some of the most significant open business seminars in Northern Europe. NBC seminars bring the world’s most enlightening experts and thinkers to share their ideas on the business of today and of the future.

Numerola is an expert company in computational technology. It has developed a unique computational technology concept which provides customer-oriented analysis and software services based on advanced computational methods.

Peerage of Science has the mission to change how peer review in science is conducted. Their solution serves authors, reviewers, editors and publishers.

Proventia Emission Control is an environmental technology company that develops products and services to meet the needs of emission control and energy efficiency.

Psyon Games designs inspiring games that lead people to a deeper understanding of science.

Recenart combines technology and expertise in art history, chemistry, physics and information technology to certify the authenticity of artworks and provide analytical services for the art world. Customers include art dealers, museums, insurance companies and corporations which administer art collections.

Salivirta provides management consultancy specialised in advising organisations on successfully combining good management with the right IT. Their clients include multinational corporations as well as domestic organisations in both the public and private sectors. They have a specific knowledge base in the health care sector. 

Synesa Solution offers process-based operation development and monitoring for organisations. The company currently operates mainly within the field of social and health care.

Taction Enterprices has developed the music glove, a wireless midi device with full aftertouch features that allows the wearer to create music as well as to control DJ software and professional music sequencers.

Truly Protect provides a solution employing pure encryption while protecting intellectual property. Their patented solutions protect applications from IP theft, verify the app authentication and have it run as intended, and ensure that applications data remain safe and secure. Their execution firewall prohibits the execution of any unauthorised piece of code, thereby guarding production servers, endpoints and critical machines from the possibility of executing any malicious software.

Tuula Suontamo operates in the cleaning sector and represents cutting-edge research in cleaning chemistry.

Weeefiner is a start-up from the Department of Chemistry. The company has the technology to recover precious and rare materials from electronic waste.

Zaibatsu Interactive is a game company with the vision to provide gamers with fun and engaging games.