Research Funding Services

The research funding team supports the researcher at the idea and application phase of the project when applying for funding to the University of Jyväskylä. We help in finding suitable funding programs and in interpreting the terms of the financier. We give advice and comments at writing phase of the application, help in description of project impact and interaction, and we organise funding organisation specific trainings.

We help researchers in preparation of research funding applications to e.g. Academy of Finland, Business Finland, Horizon2020, ERASMUS+, COST, NordForsk, LIFE, structural funds and foundations.

Below are listed examples of our services. For more information and funding organisation specific guidelines, please see the Help Center Research Funding section (login with JYU IDs). You can also contact our experts by email at ris[at]jyu.fi or call our staff.

Research funding service examples

Funding survey

Please briefly describe your research idea and financial need (max 1 A4) and send a description to ris[at]jyu.fi. We will respond within 5 working days. We will suggest suitable funding programs and brief you about the prerequisites of the programs.


You can order RIS experts to tell about funding opportunities at a faculty/department/research group meeting. You can request a presentation about JY's main financiers: Academy of Finland, Business Finland (former TEKES), EU H2020 program, or a review of topical calls (foundations, ministries, Structural Funds, etc.). We also give trainings about the following topics:
- how to prepare a good funding application,
- how to design project work packages and implementation,
- project steering group work,
- use of electronic application systems,
- the impact of projects,
- research funding at various stages of the research career.

Review of the application

Our development suggestions take into consideration financers evaluation criteria and thus help you to improve your project proposal. You can send us your Business Finland (former TEKES), EU/H2020, or Academy of Finland project proposal for comments (ris[at]jyu.fi). Send the proposal early enough for comments or at least 10 days before the deadline of call for proposal. The best way to get support is to contact us when you start to prepare the project proposal.

Help for filling in the administrative forms

You can get help using electronic application systems and filling in application forms. For example, PIC-code, different contact persons, basic university information and VAT number may be asked in funding application forms.


Rector's signature at the application phase: If your application requires rector's signature, contact us at ris[at]jyu.com no later than five (5) business days before signatures are needed.

Impact workshop

The purpose of the Impact workshop is to improve and strengthen the impact part of the project proposal.