History of the Jyväskylä Winter School

Finland is a country of the North. The seasonal changes in climate are very strong, the favourable breeding season for animals and plants is short and the harsh non-breeding season to be survived is very long. Because of this, the focus on survival adaptation in the north is an important study question in biological sciences, ecology, physiology and especially wildlife biology both in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Finland has a strong tradition in winter ecological research. The Jyväskylä Winter School of Ecology was organized for the first time in February 2008. The Winter School of Ecology traditionally ends with a workshop, more closely focusing on a specific topic of ecology. The Jyväskylä Winter School attracts young researchers from all over the world to listen to lectures not offered at their home universities. Annually around 40 Bachelor’s and Master’s students of field of ecology participate in the Winter School.