What to bring? How to pack?


February is the coldest month in Finland. The weather might vary from cold (-5°C) to very cold (-25°C) during the Winter School. Students should be prepared to have appropriate clothing for cold and partly wet weather, waterproof clothing with proper boots, which are also suitable for cross-country skiing. We have about 40 cm snow in Middle of Finland so the best boots extend well above the ankle. Please bring plenty of layers and warm clothes with you. Remember that there is a possibility to do laundry in Konnevesi Research Station (washing powder is provided by the Research Station).

In winter, Middle Finland has only some daylight (On February about 8.5 hours), so it is reasoned to take own headlamp (preferably led ones) with you. Also binoculars, bird- and mammal- track guides are recommended.

Students participating the course Boreal Winter Ecology will have an excursion to the Pyhähäkki national park. Finnish students and students living in Jyväskylä should bring skis (preferably road wide forest skis) to the course with them. The Winter School will provide skis to the foreign students. Transportation to the excursion will cost 15€.

There are computers with internet access available at Konnevesi Research Station. You will get a user name and password to AD guest net after arrival. The Konnevesi Research Station has also wireless connection so it is possible to use your own computers at the station using guest log-in and password provided by the reception of the Research Station.

There are also two restaurants and a supermarket in Konnevesi village (4 km distance). It is also possible to cook in the dormitory kitchen. If you want to bring any alcoholic drinks other than beer and cider, you should bring them with you to Konnevesi, as there is no liquor store at Konnevesi (you can't get alcohol other than beers from the super markets in Finland, you have to go to "Alko").