Workshop: Molecular Evolution: Patterns and Causes

Time: 20.-22.2.2019
Place: Konnevesi Research Station of the University of Jyväskylä, Konnevesi, Finland
Confirmed invited speakers: Prof. Adam Eyre-Walker (University of Sussex), Prof. Sylvain Glemin (University of Montpellier), Prof. Richard Goldstein (University College London), Prof. Ville Mustonen (University of Helsinki), Prof. Andreas Wagner (University of Zurich) and Dr. Jessica Abbott (Lund University).
Organizers: Dr. Mikael Puurtinen (University of Jyväskylä), Dr. Ilkka Kronholm (University of Jyväskylä),  Assoc. Prof. Heikki Helanterä (University of Oulu) and Prof. Hannu Ylönen (University of Jyväskylä)

The rate of molecular evolution varies at several levels of biological organization, e.g. among sites, among proteins, among chromosomes, and among lineages. The forces underlying this variation include mutation rate and the strength of natural selection, which are in turn affected by e.g. population size, linkage, generation time, gene function, gene expression, pleiotropy, and biophysical properties of gene products (e.g. proteins). While there is a reasonable understanding of these patterns and forces, many questions remain, and a holistic view of molecular evolution is still somewhat underdeveloped. The aim of the workshop is to bring together students and researchers from all career stages to discuss recent findings in the field of molecular evolution, and to foster new research and collaborations. The estimated number of participants is 50.

The workshop starts on Wednesday, Feb 20th at 12:45, but it is possible to arrive already on Tuesday, Feb 19th. On Tuesday evening, there will be dinner and sauna provided. The workshop ends on Friday, Feb 22nd at 16:00.

Participation fee includes accommodation, meals, beverages, and banquet during workshop.

  • Tuesday evening to Friday: 260 €
  • Wednesday morning to Friday: 210 €
  • for students accepted to the course Introduction to Molecular Evolution, and taking the workshop additionally: 80 €

How to apply?

Please send your application to the workshop by email to Dr. Mikael Puurtinen (mikael.puurtinen@jyu.fi) by December 23rd 2018. The application should include:

  • Name
  • Home institution
  • Career stage (e.g. MSc student, PhD student, postdoc, PI, Professor)
  • For students and postdocs, a contact person for academic reference
  • Max ½ page motivation for attending the workshop
  • If you wish to present, and if you prefer a poster or a talk (20 min)
  • Title and abstract of the presentation
  • If you would need financial support for attending the workshop, and the amount of support requested (our ability to support costs is not yet clear).

Decisions on the applications will be communicated by January 7th 2019.