Who can apply for Summer School, and how?

Spend a fun summer in an international environment and apply for Summer School!


All advanced master's students, graduate students, and post-docs from the field of mathematics and science are invited to apply for the Jyväskylä Summer School. The Summer School annually offers courses in the various fields of science and information technology. You are expected to have basic knowledge from the field. All courses are in English, and competence in English is needed to follow the lectures.

How can I apply for Summer School?

The application period for the Summer School is every year 1 March – 30 April. All the applicants will be informed about the decisions in early June. Further information on, for example, the transport and accommodation will be sent to the accepted students. For further information about the application procedure, please send your questions via e-mail to the Summer School Secretary (jss@jyu.fi).

  • Students enrolled at the University of Jyväskylä apply via Korppi.
  • External students apply with an online form
  • The application period is 1 March - 30 April 2018. 

Financial support and participation fee

Attendance in the Summer School is free of charge, but students are responsible for their meals, accommodation, and travel costs. The Summer School is not able to grant any  financial support for students. In order to ensure your participation, we recommend you take steps to secure your own funding, for example, by turning first to your home institution or other local sources for financial aid.