Courses in Cyber Security

Course in Cyber Security in the 28th Jyväskylä Summer School. The University of Jyväskylä reserves the right to make changes to the course programme.

CYB1: Introduction to Hybrid Threats and Comprehensive Security

Time: 13.-17.8.2018, 24h lectures and 16h demos 
Participants: Master students, PhD students and civil servants from Hybrid CoE Member states, 50 students
Lecturer(s):  Dr. Hanna Smith (University of Helsinki), Dr. Panu Moilanen (University of Jyväskylä), Martti J. Kari (University of Jyväskylä), Prof. Michael S. Gorham (University of Florida)
Coordinator(s):  Martti J. Kari
Code: KYBS5591
Modes of study: Obligatory attendance at lectures and completing the exercises. 
Credits: 3 ECTS
Evaluation: Pass/fail
Contents: The summer course is organized in cooperation with The European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE). The course will enhance understanding of current security environment in today’s Europe. Very trendy way to describe the current situation is to talk about hybrid threats but what we are talking about when we talk about hybrid threats? During the course, the students will get familiar with cyber and information influencing today and how as a state actor Russia fits into the picture. Through lectures and joint group work examining case studies, the students will learn to identify vulnerabilities, understand strategic motivation using influencing methods we call hybrid threats and how to build resilience. The course will be interactive, encourage the students in critical thinking and introduce the Finnish comprehensive security model designed to counter hybrid threats. In addition to the main lectures, there will be several guest lecturers.

Learning outcomes: Basic common understanding about Hybrid threats and resilience building and comprehensive security model against these threats.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Hybrid Threats and Main Concepts