University of Jyväskylä

Print quota, publications, gym cards and variety of university products

The SOPPI service point on the main campus.

You can buy:

  • books and publications
  • merchandise for students
  • clothing in the JYU brand
  • toys in tradition of education
  • many new products for everyday use and gift purposes

Services for students, staff and visitors:

  • info desk
  • annual gym cards for Academic sports
  • broshures and maps
  • print quota
  • tickets for events and trips for staff and students
  • temporary licence for JYU wireless web users
  • temporary parking permissions

Soppi will serve as a University shop, service outlet and info desk. It is located in new facilities between the University Library and Building T on the Seminaarinmäki campus and was opened in August 2014. Various sales, customer and pick-up services that have been offered in different places on the campuses will be centred on Soppi. The museum shops Kipinäsoppi (in the Seminarium building) and Luontosoppi (in the Natural History Museum in Vesilinna) will operate as the branch outlets of Soppi.

The product selection focuses on books and publications, merchandise for students, University clothing and sports and cycling products that promote the sports profile of the University. The University’s long traditions in education are visible in the offering of stimulating wooden toys, as well as in items that are based on old classroom posters. The Soppi service point also manages the online shop for the products and services.