Development and International Cooperation

Master's Thesis

The Master’s Thesis is the single most important component of the D&IC programme. It comprises 80-100 pages of high-quality, evidence-based academic writing, focusing on a topic agreed upon with the student’s supervisor.

The completion of an MA thesis is both challenging and rewarding. The D&IC programme curriculum provides systematic support to thesis topic selection, data collection and analysis, as well as to academic writing from the very beginning of the programme.

The Master’s Thesis topic should guide learning in core modules, and inform the selection of elective courses. The topic is identified early on in the programme (normally by the end of the first Autumn semester), and is developed into an operational research project under the guidance of a thesis supervisor from the Major Subject or, in some cases, from the D&IC programme.

Thesis Seminar

Each student is required to participate for three semesters in a Thesis Seminar during which the thesis topic is developed, and methodological and theoretical issues are resolved. The compulsory Thesis Seminars are offered by the D&IC programme to the students in the Social Sciences majors. The students majoring in Education or Ethnology will participate in the seminars offered by their respective departments. In exceptional cases, students from Education and Ethnology may (with the approval of their major subject supervisor) participate also in Thesis Seminars offered by the D&IC programme.

Guidelines, Submission and Assesment Criteria

The students submit their Master's thesis to their respective major and there is slight variation in the guidelines and submission of your thesis. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines, submission instructions and assessment criteria of your thesis. If you have further questions, please contact your supervisor.

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