Master's Degree Programmes

Thesis Submission, Grading and Graduation Process Information


These instructions are based on the Degree Regulations of the University of Jyväskylä and supplemented by information on the process in practice.

When your thesis is completed, please follow through the following steps:

1. Submitting the thesis for assessment

When the thesis is ready for assessment, you will submit a copy saved as a pdf version (name the file: “your name_FINAL for EVALUATION) to the 1st advisor and the secretary. Please remember to follow the instructions for the cover page and the abstract, in which the objectives, methods, data, contents, and results of the research are reported, and the other formalities concerning the order of the beginning pages before your text begins.

2. Appointment of evaluators and assessment time allocation

The two thesis evaluators are appointed by the Head of the Department of Education and they will evaluate the thesis and submit their statement(s) to the Head of the Department of Education within one month of the date the evaluators have received thesis for evaluation. One of the evaluators may be the supervisor of the thesis. The evaluators present a joint grading statement or two individual statements.

3. The student's right to appeal and decision making of thesis grading

Student will get a copy of the grading statement written by the evaluators.  According to the Degree Regulations, a student dissatisfied with the grading of his/her Master’s thesis can deliver a rejoinder to have the thesis reevaluated.  The written rejoinder has to be delivered to the Faculty Office and be addressed to the Faculty of Education within 7 days of the receipt of the grading statement. If the student hands in the rejoinder, a third evaluator may, for a justified reason, be appointed. He/she will give another, independent statement of evaluation.

The decision concerning the grading and approval of the thesis is made by the Head of the Department of Education.

The student /the author has the right to interrupt the thesis grading process before the final grade is given.

4. Publishing the thesis at the university library

It is the responsibility of the student to submit the thesis also to the university library based on the premise that the theses are public documents. Please notice that you will NOT get the credits of your thesis before you have published it. Publish the thesis after you have received the grading statement written by the evaluators.

Please follow the instructions for submitting the thesis to the university library in

5. Applying for the awarding of the Master's Degree Certificate

The credits concerning the Master’s thesis (30 ECTS) are registered at the office after you have published your thesis. As soon as all the credits of the Master’s Degree Programme courses have been completed, the student can apply for his/her Master’s degree.

In order for the degree to be awarded the student fills out the Master’s Degree Application Form and delivers it to the secretary. Processing the application form and issuing the Master’s Degree Certificate requires on average one to two weeks at the Faculty Office.

6. Grading the Master's Degree (Degree Regulations, Chapter 7 Section 32)

The Master’s Degree Programme curriculum is called a study entity (advanced studies) and it is graded on the numerical scale. The grade for the overall study entity is given as weighted grade point average (GPA) of the credits, using two-decimal mean values. The overall grade of the completed study entity based on the mean values is determined as follows:

1.00-1.49 = 1
1.50-2.49 = 2
2.50-3.49 = 3
3.50-4.49 = 4
4.50-5.00 = 5

The Master’s thesis grade is not counted as part of the Master’s Degree grade. The content or the grade cannot be changed after the degree has been conferred.

7. The Master's Degree Certificate

The name of the degree is

  • Master of Arts in Education, with a Specialization in Educational Leadership (for the students of Master’s Degree Programme in Educational Leadership)
  • Master of Arts in Education (for the students of Master's Degree Programme in Education)

The degree certificate contains

  • the total of the credits of the major and the grading
  • the credits of the minors and their grading

The attachment of the certificate indicates the entity of the studies for the Master of Arts (Education) degree.

The certificate is supplemented with the transcript of grades containing detailed information on the studies completed for the degree, and the diploma supplement, which is an attachment agreed on the European Union level, containing information for the international context on the structure of the Finnish university degrees, the university awarding the degree, the scope and contents of the degree and of the equivalence of the degree with international ones.


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