University Services

The University Services of the University of Jyväskylä offers support, assistance and services for the education, research and other operations of the University.

Division of the Director of Admistration

 tel. +358 400 248 061

The Director of Administration functions as the head of the University’s Administration unit. She assists the Rector in university management. The Director of Administration’s task is to support education, research and other activities at the University. She supervises the instigation and enforcement of matters which fall under the jurisdiction of the University Senate and the Rector. The Director also supervises the University’s administrative personnel and initiates university reforms.

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Human Resources Services / HR Services

The HR Services division collaborates with the management of the University and its units to advance strategic leadership and promote HR work at the University. The division implements the University’s personnel policy and participates in its creation. In addition, HR Services is responsible for analysing the results of evaluations and monitoring related to the personnel policy, as well as for creating activities that develop HR work further. HR management also contributes to the University’s employer policy, centralised employer activity and the strategic steering of human resources.

Contact information:

HR Specialist Sirkka Aho-Laitinen, sirkka.m.aho-laitinen@jyu.fi, tel. +358 400 248 065, HR Management
Project Manager Pasi Anttonen, pasi.anttonen@jyu.fi, tel. +358 400 248 066, HR Systems
HR Specialist Ulla Huttunen, ulla.m.huttunen@jyu.fi, tel. +358 50 3109 981, HR Development
HR Specialist Piia Löppönen, piia.lopponen@jyu.fi, tel. +358 400 247 689, HR Development

IT Services

Chief Digital Officer Ari Hirvonen, ari.p.hirvonen@jyu.fi, tel. +358 40 504 5891

Service desks

Contact information: helpdesk@jyu.fi

Service Centre

Director of Service Centre Tarja Keihäsvuori, tarja.keihasvuori@jyu.fi, tel. +358 40 805 4545


The Service Centre provide its clients with financial, personnel, travel and project administration as well as secretarial services. The Service Centre staff assist the entire university community in Jyväskylä, Kokkola, Konnevesi and Vuokatti.

Service Centre with contact information for personnel in intranet

Student and Academic Services

Director of Student and Academic Services Mari Ikonen, mari.a.ikonen@jyu.fi, tel. +358 40 805 4678

As a service unit, Student and Academic Services accounts for services relative to the University’s study administration and support, the coordination of international mobility as well as career services and counselling for migrants. In addition to student guidance and counselling, the unit provides support services in cooperation with IT Services. Student and Academic Services serves applicants, students, staff members as well as various education units and cooperation partners.

The services centralised within the University of Jyväskylä include admission services and other study support services (also student financial aid issues), international services, support for study administration processes, education information systems, and career services.

Contact information:

International Office (for exchange students)
tel. +358 40 805 4345

Student Services (for current students)
tel. +358 40 805 4339 and
tel. +358 40 805 4340

Admission Services (for Master's students)
+358 40 805 4341

Career Services

Counselling for migrants - SIMHE (for prospective students residing in Finland)
+358 40 805 4342

Strategic Planning and Development

By producing data and data analyses on the performance of the University, the Division of Strategic Planning and Development supports the institutional leaders of the University and its academic units in decision-making and in defining the institutional objectives. Furthermore, the Division supports the leadership in action planning, coordinates performance negotiations and executes strategically important change and development projects.

Financial Services

Director of Finance Päivi Seppä, paivi.seppa@jyu.fi, tel. +358 50 591 9522

The Financial Services unit is responsible for the University's financial management together with University management and the internal service centres. The division also supervises and steers the University's accounting and the preparation of financial statements and taxation.The responsibilities include the execution and development of University- and unit-level budgeting and reporting, maintenance of the University's liquidity, and support and guidance on purchases and travel issues. The Financial Services unit is also in charge of developing and maintaining the University's financial systems, as well as of financial reporting and statistics.

Research and Campus ServicesResearch and Campus Services

Director of Relations Anu Mustonen, anu.mustonen@jyu.fi, tel. +358 50 564 9022

University Marketing and Communications

The University Marketing and Communications unit supports the implementation of the mission and strategy of the University. The unit creates channels for marketing and communication as well as supports and coordinates networks within the University community. University Marketing and Communications is responsible for the planning, operation and development of the University's communication and marketing practices in cooperation with other units and departments.

Contact information:
viestinta@jyu.fi, tel. +358 40 805 4403
  • Head of Marketing and Communications Taina Erkkilä: tel. +358 40 805 5166, taina.h.erkkila@jyu.fi
  • Communications Manager Liisa Harjula (external communication, doctoral dissertations): tel. +358 40 805 4403, liisa.harjula@jyu.fi
  • Communications Manager Miikka Kimari (digital communications, social media): tel. +358 50 522 2015, miikka.kimari@jyu.fi
  • University Shop SOPPI (University info and Web Store at Building T): soppi@jyu.fi

  • Personnel and contact information

Street address: Building C

Campus Services

Registry Office and Archive

Records Manager Jani Hartonen, jani.hartonen@jyu.fi, tel. +358 40 805 3474

The Registry Office processes and registers incoming documents and contracts at the University.  The Archive maintains the University's document archive and is responsible for the collection and filing of the University's permanently stored documents.

Contact information: kirjaamo@jyu.fi, +358 40 805 3472
Street address: Building C, opening hours Mon-Fri 8.00-15.30

Research and Innovation Services

Senior Grant Advisor Elina Humala, elina.humala@jyu.fi, tel. +358 40 805 4715

The Research and Innovation Services is responsible for research administration and assists researchers with issues relating to research project planning and collaboration agreements, as well as making the best out of and distributing research results. As a researcher, you can receive information about both national and international research funding from us.

Contact information: ris@jyu.fi

Personnel and contact information