University Services

Head of University Services

Finance and Service Director Päivi Seppä, paivi.seppa@jyu.fi, + 358 50 591 9522

Communications and Community

Director of Relations Anu Mustonen, External relations, academic events and congresses

University Communications and Marketing

Director of Relations Anu Mustonen, anu.mustonen@@jyu.fi, +358 50 564 9022

Digital Services

Digital Director Ari Hirvonen, ari.p.hirvonen@jyu.fi, +358 40 504 5891

Digital Services maintans, develops and supports the use of digital solutions at University of Jyväskylä.
Contact information: helpdesk@jyu.fi,  +358 14 260 3600

Division of Policy & Planning

Development Director Jarkko Pirkkalainen, jarkko.pirkkalainen@jyu.fi,  +358 40 737 3364

  • Strategy and its implementation
  • Higher education and science policies
  • Resource planning
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Risk and quality management and internal audit
  • Knowledge-based management (datatiimi@jyu.fi)
  • KeHO and EduFutura

Contact information

Financial and Facility Services

Finance and Service Director Päivi Seppä, paivi.seppa@jyu.fi, + 358 50 591 9522

Facility services:

Opening hours of campus buildings
Clavis service desk: Staff cards, key cards, keys
Guest apartments

Financial services:
Invoicing address and VAT 

HR Services

The HR Services collaborates with the management of the University and its units to advance strategic leadership and promote HR work at the University.

Management Support Services

Director of Legal Affairs Sanna Anttilainen, sanna.anttilainen@jyu.fi,  +358 50 443 2367

Student and Academic Services

Director of Student and Academic Services Mari Ikonen, mari.a.ikonen@jyu.fi, tel. +358 40 805 4678

Research and Innovation Services

Head of Research Development Timo Taskinen, timo.taskinen@jyu.fi, +358 400 648 504