Science Council

1 January 2015 – 31 December 2017

According to Section 6 of the University of Jyväskylä Regulations (approved by the University Board Meeting of 11 December 2013), the Science Council is in charge of monitoring and supervising the implementation of the University's Strategy according to the action plan approved by the University Board. The Science Council also makes a yearly evaluation of the state of research at the University.

In addition to the responsibilities defined in the Regulations, the Science Council is in charge of preparing measures defined in the Research, Innovation and Infrastructure Policy 2012–2017 (approved by the University Board on 22 February 2012) and of enhancing research quality and developing its profitability indicators. The Science Council is allocated yearly funding for the support activities that promote the quality and internationalisation of research.

The Rector appoints the following members to the Science Council:

  • Professor Pauline von Bonsdorff (deputy member Professor Sari Pietikäinen),
  • Professor Anneli Eteläpelto (deputy member Professor Anna-Maija Poikkeus),
  • Professor Ari Hyytinen (deputy member University Researcher Marjo Siltaoja),
  • Professor Hannu Häkkinen (deputy member Professor Pekka Koskela),
  • Professor Päivi Häkkinen (deputy member Professor Jussi Välimaa),
  • Professor Marja Keränen (deputy member Professor Paavo Leppänen),
  • Professor Urho Kujala (deputy member Professor Vesa Linnamo) and
  • Professor Pasi Tyrväinen (deputy member Professor Tuure Tuunanen).

The Science Council shall be chaired by Vice Rector Kaisa Miettinen. Its Secretary shall be Head of Research Development Timo Taskinen, and Graduate School Coordinator Tuula Oksanen shall act as permanent experts in the Council.