Strategy and vision 2030

This year, we will look to the future and create a JYU vision 2030 together. The vision must meet the challenges of our changing society and of science. It must be unique and truly based on our strengths, and its targets must be set high enough. The strategy work begins in February. In addition to traditional means of participation, we will also utilise some new, even surprising activities. Welcome to a trip to the future!

Visio 2030. Me teemme yhdessä tulevaisuutta

Watch the video: Vision 2030. We build the future together

We have collaboratively planned a way to create the University’s future in a way that suits us best. We have prepared the strategy work process with a group of experts from various fields. The process has been sharpened by, among others, the University Collegium, the University Board, the extended management team and the representatives of labour organisations. Students have also influenced it through the Student Union, and the preparation group includes a student member.

Goals of strategy work

The goal of strategy work is to create a common vision, a target state for 2030.

Together, we will explore trends and aim to identify JYU’s strengths and development needs: where we want to be the best, what we should do more – and what we should do less. We will outline the University’s broader vision and the outlooks for the faculties and disciplines side by side. The evaluation of research, carried out again in 2018, will strongly support the strategy work.

Modern strategy work is not about Power Point slides or doing it on one’s own – it is a common effort. I welcome you all to participate and create a common vision that looks and feels like our own!

- Rector Keijo Hämäläinen

How can I participate?

Current state, pop up 1 (weeks 7 and 8)

Soon you will get an invitation, and the first activities for the whole community, both staff and students, will begin on week 7. The programme includes both discussions and game-like surveys, which all support strategy work. We want to have your opinion on what we are doing right – what would you like to keep and what to change.

There will be a campus tour with the following schedule:

  • Liikunta building 12–13 February
  • Ruusupuisto lobby 14–15 February
  • University Library 16–19 February
  • Lobby of the Department of Physics 20–21 February
  • Agora 22–23 February

Download the JYUtalk app

Osallistu - JYU Talk!Using JYUtalk you can easily participate in the planning of the University’s future from anywhere. Download the app to your smartphone and answer the questions. The application can be downloaded from your phone’s app store (iPhone: App Store, Android: Google Play, Microsoft: Microsoft store). 

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More information

Head of Planning Jarkko Pirkkalainen 
jarkko.pirkkalainen@jyu.fi, 040 737 3364