Board and the Managing Director

Chairman of the Board

Ansio Tero
Tero Ansio has worked in the ICT business for more than 30 years, both in Finland and abroad. He has experience in leading a big international corporation with more than 1,000 employees. He has been involved in several acquisitions and divestments. Ansio has also been working in the university community, being a researcher and assistant in the Business School of Helsinki. He has also been working, for example, in the following companies: Unic, Tieto and Aditro.

Member of the Board

Frilander Niko
Niko Frilander has strong personal experience of growth entrepreneurship and company’s internationalisation. He is a founding member of Idean Enterprises Ltd. The company has made its way from Jyväskylä to the top of the world in the design of digital services and as an expert of digitalisation and user-oriented design. On this path of growth, Niko has had a unique vantage point for seeing and learning to understand the development of the digital world as well as the challenges and key success factors of a start-up enterprise. Capgemini bought Idean in 2017 and now the company is growing rapidly as a part of Capgemini.
Halonen Vesa
Vesa Halonen has an experience of 35 years in international ICT companies. His latest position was as entrepreneur in Trusteq Group, focusing on cyber security consultation and services. He was the managing director and chairman of the board until the beginning of 2015. In addition of Trusteq Group, Halonen has been working, for example, in Tieto, Broadvision, Netegrity and Truxon.
Porkholm Olli
Olli Porkholm has more than 30 years of experience in ICT management duties in both private and public sector companies, including international organisations. For last nine years, Porkholm has served Protacon Solutions Ltd in Jyväskylä as CEO and board member. Porkholm has worked for, for example, the following companies: Tieto, Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, Balentor and Protacon Solutions.
Rauhaniemi Kati
Kati Rauhaniemi is a nationally awarded serial entrepreneur. She has been listed as one of the young promising entrepreneurs in Finland. In recognition of her work career, she was also invited to the presidential Independence Day reception. Her enterprise, which she founded at the age of 22, was ranked among the most successful ones (list ranking 101/15,700) and as the most successful one in its field in Central Finland. Rauhaniemi has solid, over 20 years’ experience from business and management, with professional skills in strategic communication and strategic marketing. Rauhaniemi has made acquisitions, founded dozens of start-up enterprises, and designed business plans for over one hundred companies. She has received several awards and developed international brands and business operations for companies. She knows how to create business concepts and build inspiring work cultures. Rauhaniemi has provided training for managerial staff of over 600 companies, and she has worked in all lines of business categorised by Statistics Finland. Based on her work as an employer, an employee, an entrepreneur, a managing director, a partner, an investor and a board member, Rauhaniemi understands large entities and the motives of different people. She has insight for technologies, business economy, creative planning and human management. Keeping up to date, a background in competitive sport, various positions of trust and diverse work career have made her a friendly but firm professional.

Managing Director

Kupari Vesa
Vesa Kupari has an experience of more than 30 years in business, mostly in international ICT companies (e.g. Tieto and its numerous predecessors). His experience is focused on R&D, customer service, sales, management and various international business arrangements. He has been working in the boards of dozens of companies. In addition to ICT, the companies have operated in the fields of energy, catering and education export.