Summary of investments, April 2017

Unifund was established to invest in research-based companies that are closely connected with the University of Jyväskylä. The target of Unifund is to invest in at least three companies which meet the Unifund investment criteria. Unifund operates closely with the Research and Innovation Services of the University. Research and Innovation Services helps research teams to find commercial potential in their research. Tekes and other external pre-business investors are involved in various projects. Based on experience from years 2016–17, there will be several teams with high commercial potential at the University.

The University of Jyväskylä is well known for its wide range of scientific research. It is more than obvious that there are great business opportunities in all the six faculties, not only in the faculties of so-called hard sciences. The first investments of Unifund illustrate this fact quite clearly. The first investments are as follows:

Taction Enterprises Inc utilises the research results of music pedagogy, combined with sensor technology, thus generating a great user experience.

Recenart Ltd operates in the field of art research. Recenart combines art-historical research with state-of-the-art scientific techniques for authenticating and dating art and for forensic purposes. Recenart utilises techniques of art research, information technology, physics and chemistry.

Psyon Games Ltd is hitting the market with entertainment games that popularise scientific thinking and results. The first game, Antidote, is primarily introducing the world of biology.