Unifund Jyväskylä Ltd - new kind of financial support for research-based businesses

The University of Jyväskylä has established a new financing company, Unifund Jyväskylä Ltd, to support the start-up of research-based businesses. The operations of new businesses may be based on the utilisation of intellectual rights created at the University or on services originating from research results.

”Unifund makes 1 to 3 initial investments a year, and further investments are possible for the best targets. We have already started surveying investment targets. Thus, if you have a business idea you would like to develop, don’t hesitate to contact us right away,” says CEO Vesa Kupari.

Unifund may invest capital to new businesses by transferring intellectual rights as contribution in kind or by making other capital investments in shares. Unifund may also participate in the operations of the new business through active board work.

When developing new businesses, Unifund cooperates with the Research and Innovation Services of the University, local educational institutions and regional business services, such as the Jyväskylän Yritystehdas business factory.

Dozens of companies have been started based on research activity at the University over the years, for example, EduClusterFinland Ltd (www.educluster.fi), Firstbeat Ltd (http://www.firstbeat.fi/fi/tyo-ja-hyvinvointi), NFleet Ltd (https://www.nfleet.fi/ ), Humap Ltd (http://www.humap.com/), Magnasense Tecnologies (http://www.magnasense.fi ), Cap Data Technologies (http://www.capdatasolutions.com ) and Synesa Solutions (http://www.synesa.com ).

The Research and Innovation Services website and examples of University-based businesses:  http://www.jyu.fi/tutkimuspalvelut


Entrepreneurship portal: http://www.jyu.fi/yrittajyys

Further information:

CEO Vesa Kupari, Unifund Jyväskylä Ltd, tel. 0400 616 940, vesa.kupari@jyu.fi