Family members and Apostille

If your family will accompany you to Finland, you should be prepared to present documentation proving your family ties. For your spouse, you will need a Marraige Certificate. For the children, you will need their Birth Certificates. These certificates will need to be translated into Finnish, Swedish or English. Translations should be done by a vertified translator.

Certificates should also be formally legalized in the country where the document has been issues. If the country of documents origin is part of the Hague Convention, an Apostille stamp will suffice.

If the country of document's origin is not part of the Hague Convention, you will need to complete a so-called Grand Legislation process. In this case it's best to start by contacting a Finnish mission closest to you for detailed instructions. Ministry for Foreign Affairs for Finland holds a list of Finnish missions abroad by country.

Translation and legalization process can be very time consuming so you should start the process as your move has been confirmed. The original documents as well as the translated versions will be needed for the Residence Permit applications prior to your move and for the local registrations after your move.

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