Bringing your pet to Finland

You can bring your pets to Finland but you should be aware of the related import regulation. The import regulations vary depending on the country from which the animal is imported (EU and EEA countries/non-EU countries). The purpose of the import requirements for dogs, cats and ferrets is to safeguard human and animal health and to prevent the spread of dangerous infectious diseases, such as rabies and echinococcosis, to Finland.

  • General requirements for dogs, cats and ferrets
  • ID marking (tattoo or microchip)
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Testing for rabies antibodies (if importing from outside EU)
  • Treatment against echinococcosis
  • Pet passport (or veterinary certificate when from outside EU)
  • If animals are travelling by plane as freight unaccompanied by a passenger, a vet must examine them clinically within 24 hours before dispatch

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