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Studying in Finland

The Finnish higher education system comprises two parallel sectors: universities and universities of applied sciences. Universities are academic or artistic institutions which focus on research and education, and the education provided by universities is based on research. Polytechnics offer work-related education in response to labour market needs.

There is also a wide range of vocational education and training available in Finland.

Education is highly valued in Finland. The Finnish education policy aims to provide all citizens with equal educational opportunities. A high level of education is one of the cornerstones of the Finnish national strategy.

Places to study in Jyväskylä

Adult education centres

See section Adult education centres.


Although most people in Finland speak English, knowing at least some Finnish will help you to integrate more easily. Learning the language enriches your stay in Finland as you can understand the surrounding society better. Finnish skills are required for most jobs in Finland.

There are many ways to learn Finnish. You can take part in Finnish language courses offered by adult education centres and Multicultural Centers. The Finnish Red Cross also organizes a Multicultural Friend programme which aims to support integration and language learning.

There are various online Finnish language courses available as well. Language course packages can also be borrowed from public libraries.

FOR STAFF OF THE UNIVERSITY, language courses are offered free of charge by the University language center. Spouses/partners of the University staff can join the Basic Finnish course in case there are free places left.

Other Finnish as a second language course offerings in Jyväskylä for staff and families

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Multicultural Centres

Multicultural Centres are easily approachable meeting places that offer information, support and opportunities to participate in various activities. They offer different kinds of courses (e.g. Finnish language courses), have a wide variety of clubs and organise all kinds of multicultural events. You can either take part in the activities or do volunteer work at a Multicultural Centre.

  • Multicultural Center Gloria
    • Matarankatu 6, Jyväskylä
    • Gloria provides information on foreign cultures to Finns and information on the Finnish culture to foreigners. The centre also aims at preventing racism and racial prejudice
    • Gloria Facebook pages