Maternity and child health care


Please refer to the section Municipality of Residence to know whether or not you are eligible to receive the below municipality services free of charge. If you are not eligible, it is strongly advised that you and your family members have a private health insurance policy that includes maternity and child well-care.



When you become pregnant you should contact your nearest maternity clinic (äitiysneuvola). Each family has a personal nurse and all the discussions with the nurse are confidential. Maternity clinics focus on the health and wellbeing of the expectant mother, the baby and the family, and help the expectant mother and father to get prepared for parenthood. Dads are welcome to attend each appointment at the maternity clinic.

The clinic monitors the pregnancy, checks the baby’s condition regularly and takes action to prevent possible problems. If necessary, maternity clinics refer mothers for further examination and treatment in a hospital. There are 11–15 visits to the maternity clinic during a normal course of pregnancy. Most maternity clinics offer ultrasound scan at 12–16 weeks of pregnancy.
Services of the Maternity Clinic are free of charge for all residents with municipality in Finland.

Child health care

When the baby is born, local child health clinic (lastenneuvola) monitors the child's development and growth as well as vaccinates the child in accordance with the national vaccination programme from the birth until the school age. Families are given individual support in the child's upbringing and nurture. All conversations are confidential.

Services of child health clinics are free of charge for all residents with municipality in Finland.


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