Mobile phones and phoning

Most people in Finland have a mobile phone because they are relatively inexpensive to use. Mobile phones are often also the only way of reaching people in Finland as it is nowadays rare to have a landline and pay phones have become almost extinct.

A basic mobile phone costs from €50–150. There are several mobile phone operators in Finland. The biggest nation-wide operators are DNA, Elisa, Saunalahti and Sonera. A simple way to open a line is to acquire a pre-paid card (e.g. DNA Prepaid, GoMobile Prepaid, Saunalahti Prepaid, Sonera Easy, Tele Finland Helppo). The cards are rechargeable and can be purchased at R-kiosks, mobile phone shops and online.

Opening a normal mobile phone line is often free of charge, but foreigners who do not reside permanently in Finland are usually required to pay a deposit. The monthly fee and the prices of phone calls vary according to the operator and the connection. If you have an Internet connection, you can also stay in touch with your friends and family free of charge by making use of for example Skype or other peer-to-peer Internet telephone networks.

If you would like to make an overseas phone call from Finland, dial:

  1. + (or 00)
  2. Country code
  3. Area code leaving out the first number
  4. Number of your contact

An example: calling from Finland to telephone number 123 456 in Stockholm, Sweden, dial +46 8 123 456.

If you want to make a phone call to Finland from abroad, dial:

  1. +
  2. 358 (Finland’s country code)
  3. Area code leaving out the first 0
  4. Number of your contact

An example: calling from Italy to telephone number 123 456 in Jyväskylä, dial +358 14 123 456.

For national phone number inquiries, dial 118 or 020202 (the price depends on the operator and the time of the day the phone call is made).