All television broadcasts in Finland are digital. In order to watch television, one should be in possession of a DVB receiver (set top box) or an integrated digital receiver (digital television).

Several Finnish TV channels are available throughout the country. TV programmes are usually broadcast in their original language with subtitles in Finnish or Swedish.

Many programmes are also available online. The Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) aims to make all its four channels available online for viewers in Finland.

Finnish TV channels online:

If you wish to get more channels in addition to the free ones, you can get a cable/payTV package for additional cost. Here are some pay TV providers:

As of 1 January 2013, the operations of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) are financed by a new public service broadcasting tax collected by the Tax Administration ( If you receive salary from Finland, you have to pay the tax regardless of whether you have a television or not. The tax is collected at the same time as other taxes so it does require any action on your part. The taxation rate is 0.68% of earned and capital income up to the maximum sum of €140. The tax is not collected if your annual income is less than €7,353.