Those of you who have not experienced a Nordic winter before may have a lot of questions in mind. To help you come to terms with the winter season, we suggest that you think of it as a sequence of several distinct phases, each of which has an atmosphere of its own, rather than a long period of coldness. By accepting it as it comes, you will find the winter in Jyväskylä a rewarding experience.
Typically, Finns themselves complain about the weather more than the visitors.

As a first sign of winter the streets are filled with slush every now and then, but eventually everything is covered in real snow. The months from December to February are a time of stillness. There is no polar night (kaamos) in this part of Finland – the sun always rises above the horizon – but the light hours are not that many during mid-winter. As for the temperature, a typical mid-winter reading in Jyväskylä would be something between –5 °C and –15 °C, but occasionally it gets colder, even down to –30 °C.

Fortunately, Finnish houses are equipped with triple-glazed windows and central heating, so you will have no reason to worry. However, when you go outdoors in cold weather it is always wise to be wary of frostbite. This is best done by wearing appropriate clothing. But do not let this discourage you from going out, since very cold days have an atmosphere of its own which you should not miss!

After the winter solstice in December, the amount of light slowly but steadily increases again. However, you need to wait until the end of March until the day once more outlasts the night (spring equinox). The day becomes longer and longer and although it might still snow a little occasionally, the snow gradually melts away. Spring is slowly but surely on its way again.