Health care

health_care_2The health care system in Finland consists of public, private and occupational health care.

As an employee of the University you are (in most cases) eligible for the occupational health care provided by the employer. This includes preventive occupational health care, measures aimed at maintaining work ability, general practice level care among other services. Occupational health care is not provided for the family members of the employee.

Public and private health care takes care of health care in the evenings and weekend as well as dentists, eye specialists, maternity care and other special services not usually covered by occupational health care.

Please note:

Eligibility for public health care is usually dependent upon whether or not you receive municipality status by the Register's Office. We strongly advise that every staff and family member be covered by their own private health insurance at least until they have received a decision from the Social Security Institute of Finland about whether they are eligible for National Health Care or Municipality Services.

Also, eligibility for National Health Insurance and aquisition of a Kela card does not necessary mean eligibility for Public Health Care. Your Kela card will provide you with, for example:

    • a share of private doctors' fees
    • a share of the costs for examinations and treatments prescribed by a private doctor
    • a share of the fees of private dentists and of the costs for examinations prescribed by them
    • a share of your medication costs
    • a share of your illness-related transportation costs.

In order to be eligible for Public Health Care, one needs to have municipality status.


See the pages below for further information about health care in different situations.

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