Public health care for temporary foreign residents

If you are not entitled to or opt not to register a municipality of residence, the eligibility and scope of public health care services depend on your country of origin.

In general, the information of temporary foreign residents is not visible in the public health care systems. This means that a health care centre is not able to verify if you are entitled to the public health care.

Certificate of entitlement for medical care in Finland

In order to be able to use the public health care, a temporary resident can apply for a ”Certificate of entitlement for medical care in Finland” (Todistus oikeudesta hoitoetuuksiin Suomessa) from Kela.

Apply for the certificate using the Kela SV141e application form (Application for document regarding medical care when moving to or from Finland). The application can be made together with the Kela Y77 application (the application form for social security coverage in Finland).

If the SV141e application is made separately, Kela’s decision on your eligibility to the National Health Insurance needs to be attached to it.

You are entitled to public health care when showing the ”Certificate of entitlement for medical care in Finland” at the appointment desk.