There are many accommodation options in the Jyväskylä area. Although accommodation in Finland is overall quite expensive, there are some reasonable options depending on what you need and your length of your stay. Even if you are planning a long-term stay, it is recommended to book accommodation for your first several weeks in Jyväskylä at a local hotel, hostel or furnished apartment. After getting settled, you can look at longer term options.

The University of Jyväskylä cooperates with the following hotels, hostels and rental agencies providing accommodation in the local area. You may be in touch directly with each service provider to ask about rates and availability. These service agencies provide information in English and many of their websites have an English option.

Many of the service providers will provide you with special pricing if you indicate that you are coming to the University of Jyväskylä. Most of the providers have varied pricing depending on the length of your stay, so please indicate the dates in which you need accommodation. If you are unsure about your exact travel dates when asking for an offer, it is usually sufficient to let them know the length of stay (ie. week, two-weeks, two-months, etc.)

Note that the prices seen on the service providers net pages are not the ones offered to the University of Jyväskylä employees/visitors. Please ask the University of Jyväskylä price by email from the service provider.

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