Adult education

Adult education centres (kansalaisopisto) offer liberal adult education, enabling people of all ages to study and participate in activities relevant to their interests and hobbies (languages including Finnish, music, sports, fine arts, social sciences, history, data processing, handicraft, electronics, etc.). There are classes for all family members from toddlers to adults.

The participation fee depends on the course. The autumn semester starts in September and the spring semester in January. An adult education centre is also one of the best places to get to know Finnish people (outside the university).

Jyväskylä Adult Education Centre (Jyväskylän seudun kansalaisopisto) is located on the premises of the City Library. The Institute provides evening classes covering a wide variety of fields, such as studies, painting, music and handicrafts.

Another adult education institute in Jyväskylä is Jyvälän kansalaisopisto (address: Viitaniementie 11-13)

The programme of the two adult education institutes also includes courses that are particularly targeted at foreigners (e.g. Finnish language courses).