Live music and concerts

Various kinds of music from classical to opera, jazz, rock, pop, folk music and Finnish tango are appreciated in Finland. Some examples of the latest Finnish musical exports are metal bands Nightwish, HIM and cello-playing Apocalyptica.

Due to the wide-ranging devotion to music in Jyväskylä and to the good variety of local music institutions, musical entertainment is offered almost every day of the year. For instance, the Jyväskylä Symphony Orchestra, the Jyväskylä University Symphony Orchestra, the JAMK Symphony Orchestra and a good many local choirs give concerts frequently. And at night you can enjoy live jazz, rock or dance music in numerous restaurants.

The following list contains some examples where you can see live music:

To see what is on offer, keep an eye on advertisements in the Keskisuomalainen and Suur-Jyväskylän Lehti papers and on the University’s notice boards.