Things to do during Midsummer

Midsummer is said to be the high summer, but in practice the summer vacation period starts from Midsummer and continues until mid August.

Midsummer time table

Midsummer Eve 22.6.2018, De facto holiday

Midsummer Day 23.6.2018, National holiday


Prisma (Keljo, Palokka, Seppälä)

22.6. open xx - xx

23.6. open xx - xx

Citymarket (Keljo, Palokka, Seppälä)

22.6. open xx - xx

23.6. open xx - xx


22.6. xx timetables

23.6. xx timetables

Health Care

Occupational Health Care is closed and the public health care operates at the Central Finland Central Hospital. At least the pharmacies at the super markets are open as well as the "Yliopiston Apteekki" at the city centre.

Things to do

Midsummer is traditionally spent in the countryside or at the summer cottage but there are many midsummer events in Jyväskylä area as well. Some of them also include the traditional midsummer bonfire.

Earlier years Midsummer events have been held at Ainolan lava at Kuokkala: http://jyvaskylanainola.fi/ and Peurunka Spa in Laukaa. Bus 41 operates from the Jyväskylä city centre to Peurunka: http://www.peurunka.fi/t_kalenteri/juhannus/

Midsummer by Visit Finland: http://www.visitfinland.com/article/midsummer-go-peaceful-or-go-party/