Things to do during Summer

Summer Jyväskylä

 After a long dark autumn and winter, Jyväskylä and the whole Finland ”comes alive” in summer. Jyväskylä is a very nice summer city and we have tried to collect the typical summer things to do here


Jyväskylä has 11 EU-rated beaches where the water is regularily measured, the beach is maintained and there are toilets and changing rooms available. In addition there are 20 regular beaches around the city: Beaches around the city centre include Tuomiojärvi, Viitaniemi, Tikka, Lutakko and Mattilanniemi

Harbour area and cruises

Having ice cream or drinks at Harbour café, playing minigolf at Harbour area, enjoying the warm summer evening at restaurant ships or cruises on lake Jyväsjärvi are all part of a typical Jyväskylä summer

Habor café:

Rhea Cruises:

Hilden cruises:

Restauran ships:

Rantaraitti recreational route

Rantaraitti recreational route is really nice especially in summer:

Tori, the Market place

Having coffee at the Market Place ”Tori” at Yliopistonkatu has been a summer tradition to many. You can buy the first strawberries, peas and summer potatoes there as well

Cafés, terraces and beer gardens

The pedestrian street at the city centre, decorated with flower arrangements, is full of outdoor cafés, terraces and beer gardens to enjoy the warm summer evenings

Open air dancing

Open air dancing is a traditional part of a Finnish summer. There are many open air dancing places in Jyväskylä area. You do not need to be a professional dancer to enter. We recommend trying it for the atmosphere:

Ainola open air dancing is at Kuokkala:

Summer theatre

Going to a summer theatre is a must for many in Finland. The plays are normally comedies and musicals and the language is Finnish. We recommend trying it for the atmosphere. There are also plays for children. The plays for the summer 2018 are not informed yet but there are summer theatre (kesäteatteri) stages at least at Laajavuori (Laajis), Riihivuori, Naissaari and Harju.

Art and Music

Visiting art galleries and music performances is very popular in summertime.

Jyväskylä Festival (Jyväskylän Kesä) is a legendary culture festival full of art and music for everyone

Museums and galleries:

Themed routes:

Harju Ridge evening song

A perfect closer to a nice summer day is to listening of a Harju Ridge evening song from the Vesilinna tower at summer nights at 8 pm. The music can be heard at the city centre and sometimes as far as the back areas of Kuokkala:

Sports and Recreation



Laajis outdoor activities:



Peurunkagolf: •Riding:

Nature trails:

Jokamiehenoikeus (Everyman’s right) a Finnish specialty that gives everyone the right to enjoy Finnish countryside freely

Events and Festivals


Jyväskylä Festival

Yläkaupungin Yö


Sataman yö

Suomi Pop

Neste Rally Finland


Himos Juhannus



John Smith Rock Festival

Laukaa Satama Festival

Events calendar

Popular summer events in Finland

Pori Jazz:

Savonlinna Opera Festival:

Kaustinen Folk Music Festival:


Viitaniemi traffic park for children

In the Viitaniemi traffic park (on Eeronkatu), children can ride their own bicycles or the park’s pedal cars

Family parks

Family parks offer leisure facilities for people of all ages. The parks lay on courses, concerts and fun for the whole family. The facilities include toilets and campfire/grilling places.

Summer destinations with children

Summer in Finland

This is Finland, summer:

Cottage life:

Cottages to rent:

Archipelago Finland:

Cruises to Estonia and Sweden

Tallink Silja:

Viking Line:

Eckerö Line:

Enjoy your summer in Finland!