Local buses

Jyväskylän Liikenne Oy, provides local transport. The prices of single tickets, bought in cash on the bus, depend on the length of your journey. The lowest single fare is € 3.30 and after 11 p.m. the price goes up to €6.00.

Tickets of all kinds are sold in the Jyväskylä Travel Centre, the information desk of the Sokos Department Store (1st floor) at Kauppakatu 24, the Jyväskylä Regional Tourist Information at Asemakatu 6 and on the buses.

If you use local buses regularly, you save money by purchasing a season ticket:



Registered residents of Jyväskylä


10-trip card





€52, you must be registered as a resident



40-trip card

€55, valid for 180 days, you must be registered as a resident



The 10 and 40-trip cards can be reloaded when all the trips have been used.

When purchasing a season ticket (called a smart card) for the first time, you must pay an additional € 3 for the card itself. It may be a good idea to buy a one-day travel card for local buses if you are planning to make several trips in one day (€8 sold in the Jyväskylä Travel Centre, Sokos, and the Tourist Information).

For more information on all the tickets, please contact:
Jyväskylän Liikenne

tel. +358 207 425 800

It is good to know that the buses in Finland arrive almost exactly according to the schedule. A few minutes’ delay might occur in wintertime due to weather.