Long-distance coaches and buses


A long-distance bus stop sign.

Long-distance coaches are a good alternative to trains. The long distance coach network in Finland is one of the densest in Europe, and the coaches are modern and comfortable. There are two types of long distance coaches: ordinary coaches (vakiovuoro) stopping at all bus stops if needed, and express coaches (pikavuoro) which usually drive longer distances and stop only at places indicated in the schedule.

Bus and coach tickets are sold in the Matkahuolto outlets around the country. The outlets also provide information on the schedules and services. Coach tickets sold in Matkahuolto outlets are valid on all Finnish coaches and buses, except for municipal buses of some cities. The Matkahuolto bus and coach services are owned by private Finnish bus operators.

Also travel agencies sell coach tickets. Tickets can be bought before the trip or on the coach. Both one way and return tickets are valid for 30 days if they are bought beforehand. Seat reservations are recommended during peak periods. A seat reservation can be bought separately or it can be included in the coach ticket.

All coaches carry pieces of luggage and, for example, skis and bicycles (an extra fee may be charged). If you need to send a large or heavy package quickly, an express coach is a good and cheap alternative. Packages are delivered from one bus station to another or to a bus stop within Finland. You can use this service by taking a package to the local Matkahuolto bus station, giving the destination and paying the charge. The name of the person who will collect the package must be written on the package. Matkahuolto takes care of the rest.

Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited on all Finnish buses and coaches. The ExpressBus coaches usually have a lavatory and some magazines. A long distance bus stop sign is blue with a white bus on it. The text “PIKAVUORO” indicates that express coaches stop there. It is necessary to signal (e.g. wave) for the bus to stop.

The Jyväskylä Travel Centre (railway and bus station) is located at Hannikaisenkatu 20.

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