On foot and by bike

Jyväskylä has a good coverage of walkways and most of the University buildings are in a walking distance from the city centre.

The next cheapest way to move around is probably by bike (pyörä or polkupyörä). Bikes are sold in department stores and stores selling sports equipment. There are also stores that specialise in bikes. New bikes, even the very simple ones, are quite expensive, from €250 upwards.

You can also try to find a bike though the Internet market place of the University. Flea markets and recycling centres may also sell used bicycles.

The following stores and repair workshops sell new or used bikes:

  • Biltema, Seppäläntie 16
  • Polkupyörätori, Minna Canthin katu 22 B
  • Sovatek Pyöräkorjaamo, Pajatie 3
  • Huoltopilotti, Vapaaherrantie 2
  • Intersport Megastore Tourula, Vapaaherrantie 2
  • Jyväskylän Uusiotuote, Vapaudenkatu 8

The following firms rent out bikes for a couple of days or weeks:

If you do not know anybody who could lend or sell a bike to you, you can try, for instance, the lost property auction (löytötavaroiden huutokauppa) at the Police Station. The auction takes place in the autumn and spring and it is announced at www.poliisi.fi and in the local newspaper (Keskisuomalainen). Bikes on sale range from very old to brand new ones and their prices vary accordingly. For more information, please contact the Police Station, Lost Property Office (löytötavaratoimisto), tel. +358 71 874 8801, e-mail: loytotavara.keskisuomi@poliisi.fi.

When riding a bicycle

When riding a bike you should use the bicycle paths marked with a sign. In places where there is no special bicycle path, please use the right side of the roadway, not the sidewalk. You should follow the same traffic rules as motorists. Also, remember to use lights on the bicycle when driving in the dark. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet.