Vappu, the First of May celebrations

The Finnish spring unofficially starts at Vappu (The First of May). Vappu is a carneval like celebration for all, but especially students are arranging all kinds of activities and parties. It is very common for people in all ages to wear their student caps during Vappu celebrations

Vappu time table

Vappu Eve 30.4.2019, normal working day (may leave the work earlier though)

Vappu Day 1.5.2019, National holiday


Prisma (Keljo, Palokka, Seppälä)

30.4. and 1.5. open 7 - 23

Citymarket (Keljo, Palokka, Seppälä)

30.4. open 8 - 21

1.5. open 10 - 18


30.4. Weekday timetables

1.5. Sunday timetables

Health Care

Occupational Health Care is closed on Vappu day and the public health care operates at the Central Finland Central Hospital. At least the pharmacies at the super markets are open as well as the "Yliopiston Apteekki" at the city centre.

Things to do

Students’ Vappu celebrations in Jyväskylä start by ”capping” the Minna Canths statue in Kirkkopuisto on Vappu eve 30.4 around 6 p.m. Similar ”capping” events are organized in all University cities in Finland

Vappu Market will take place at the pedestrian street (Kauppakatu) at the city centre and Suomen Tivoli amusement park will be at Hippos:

Outside conserts are normally held at least at Kolmikulma (end of pedestrian street) and Lounaispuisto.

On Vappu day many people have picknicks in the parks and Vappu day brunch/lunch is very popular. Reservation will be needed to the most popular restaurants

Traditional Vappu treats and drinks are available at cafés and grocery stores