Extending your employment/stay in Finland

When your employment is extended or you are granted a new grant and you will extend your stay in Finland remember to take care of the followig things:

Residence permit

If your residence permit is expiring at the same time with your employment and an extension to your employment is guaranteed, file an application to extend your residence permit as early as possible. Same applies if you are a Grant holder and a new grant will be granted to you.

The University Service Centre HR will issue you a certificate of a new employment/JYU Grant to be attached to your residence permit application.

File the application for the residence permit extension at Immigration office's electronic Enter Finland system and book an appointment to identify yourself at the Immigration office's Service Point. Bring the HR-coordinator responsible for prepareing your employment/JYU Grant the certificate of pendency (Vireilläolotodistus) from the Immigration office.

You are allowed to continue working/staying in Finland during the pendency of the resident permit application if you have filed the application, visited the Immigration office and granted the certificate of pendency before your previous residence permit ends.

Remember to show your new residence permit card to the Service Center HR after it has been granted, since the employer needs to file a copy of it by law.

If you live in Finland with your family, please pay attention to the income requirements also when extending your residence – especially in cases when the number of family members has increased during your stay in Finland.

EU-citizens do not need to extend their registration of the right to reside in Finland since it needs to be done only once.

Registering at the Local Register Office (Maistraatti)

In case a Place of residence has not been granted to you on your arrival in Finland, you need to file a new registration at Maistraatti when your current employment or residence permit (depending on which ends first) ends and you continue your stay in Finland.

If you have been granted a Place of residence a new registration is not needed.

More information and instructions in International Staff Guide/After Arrival/Registering at the Local Register office.

Finnish social security

The eligibility for the Finnish social security is often approved based on your employment and is valid only for the duration of the employment you had when you first applied for the coverage. Therefore it is important that you remember to apply for the coverage again if your employment will be extended.

The length of Finnish social security coverage is stated in the written decision you have originally received from Kela. If your decision states a fixed period with a starting date and an ending date, then the coverage will end at the ending date.

You can apply for en extension to your Finnish social security by submitting the Y77e form with a copy of your new employment contract and salary certificate to Kela.

You can apply for the extension online or by post: How to apply for the Finnish social security (kela.fi)

More information in International Staff Guide/After Arrival/Social security and health insurance.

Tax card

If the annual income stated on your tax card seems to be too low, you can apply for a revised tax card from the tax office. More information on taxation and applying for the tax card in International Staff Guide/While in Finland/Taxation.