Tax cards for 2019

HR Services has published an internal bulletin regarding tax cards for 2019. There will be changes so please read the bulletin.

For most of you the employer will recive tax card information for 2019 electronically from the tax office and you do not need to do anything.

However, if your annual income in 2019 will differ considerably from your annual income in 2018, you should apply for a Revised tax card starting from 1.1.2019.

This applies especially to employees whose employment has started after 2.1.2018 and whose annual income for 2018 has been calculated only for a partial tax year of 2018.

The Revised tax card can be applied at:
•MyTax: https://www.vero.fi/…/i…/tax-cards-and-tax-returns/tax_card/
•Tax card telephone service tel. 029 497 050
•Visiting the tax office

Please send your Revised tax card directly to Certia: Certia JY-HEHA, PL 102, 65101 Vaasa

The Revised tax cards valid from 1.1.2019 onwards should be in Certia latest on
•2.1.2019 (pay day 15.1.2019)
•17.1.2019 (pay day 31.1.2019)

UNO, JYU Internal news 14.12.2018

OmaVero/MyTax information for 2019

There will be changes in tax card applications and tax returns in 2019.

Bulletin from the tax administration

My Tax main page (vero.fi)

Instructions for My tax (vero.fi)

You will need online banking codes suitable for an electronic identification to be able to enter MyTax system. If you do not have such banking codes yet, ask your bank what is needed to get them. In most cases a Finnish identity card will be needed. You can apply for the card at the Police. Read more on the requirements and the process on Poliisi.fi pages (Foreigner's identity card).

Those of you who are not able to get the online banking codes suitable for an electronic identification can still call the tax card phone service at tel. 029 497 050 (English) or visit the tax office


Tax card

After you have delivered your tax card to the employer in the beginning of your employment, you only have to present new tax card to the employer in the following cases:

  • You have arrived in Finland in the middle of a previous tax year and your annual income for your first tax card has been calculated for a period of less than 12 months
    • apply for a revised tax card from 1st January onwards
  • There has been changes in your income or deductions during the tax year creating a change in your annual income.
    • apply for a revised tax card from the date your income or deductions change
  • A contract extension has taken place in December or January and the employer will not receive the tax information electronically.
    • apply for a revised tax card from 1st January onwards

If you have already been working in Finland for more than one tax year and there are no changes in your income, the employer will receive your annual withholding information (tax percentage) directly (electronically) from the tax office. This will take place in the beginning of each new tax year (January). 

The tax office will still send paper copies of the tax cards valid from 1 February onwards to all employees, but in case of no changes the direct online transfer of withholding information will replace them and you do not need to present the tax card to the employer any more. Same applies if you have applied for a revised tax card from January 1 onwards.

Instructions on applying for a revised tax card

If you have arrived in Finland in the middle of a previous tax year or there have been changes in your income or other circumstances affecting taxation, you should apply for a revised tax card by

  • Omavero/MyTax e-service
  • Calling the tax card phone service at tel. 029 497 050 (English) or
  • By visiting the tax office

When applying for a revised tax card in the beginning of a tax year or in the middle of a tax year you need to have information on your monthly gross salary, holiday pay percentage and amount of income earned and  income taxes withheld so far during that tax year. You will find this information in your last pay slip.

How to estimate your annual income for the tax card for the whole new tax year (12 months):

12 x gross monthly salary = annual gross salary

Amount of holiday pay months earned for the period of 1.4. -  31.3. x holiday pay per one month = annual holiday pay

(If you are working in a MSC-project, remember to include the mobility and family allowance in your annual income)

More information:

Income tax return

Remember to file an annual income tax return. The pre-filled income tax returns will be sent to all tax residents in Finland in March or April each year and the last date to file them is normally in May. The tax return has been already pre-filled by the tax office, so you just need to check the information and make corrections or add additional information if needed.

Tax Returns 2017

 Information and instructions on the tax returns for the tax year 2017.

Tax refunds and back taxes for the tax year 2017

Tax refunds

Tax refunds for the tax year 2017 are paid on 11 December 2018 to the bank account you have reported for refunds. Vero.fi: https://www.vero.fi/en/individuals/tax-cards-and-tax-returns/payments/refunds/

Back taxes

If you pay an insufficient sum during the year in the form of withholding, you must pay up the difference afterwards as back taxes. Bank forms from the Tax Administration were enclosed with your pre-filled Tax Decision for 2017.

The due date of the first instalment of the 2017 back taxes is 3rd December 2018 and for the second instalment 1st February 2019. If the amount to pay is higher than €170, it is divided in two instalments. If it stays below €170, you must pay it up fully on 3 December 2018.Vero.fi: https://www.vero.fi/en/individuals/tax-cards-and-tax-returns/payments/back-taxes/